Throw Out

Throw Out

  • Description

    Based on the popular bat-and-ball gameplay, you have to kick colorful blocks off the platform, keep your balls together and get surprised by interesting and challenging levels.

    Throw Out is a browser-based breakout clone with fast 3D graphics and a unique design made for experienced and curious players.

    • 14.5 unique levels with fast and unforgiving gameplay
    • playable in every modern browser, even on mobile devices and smart TVs
    • simple but fluid 3d graphics without plugins, fullscreen mode included



    The game requires a browser with at least WebGL 1.0.
    Released under the zlib License.

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    Genre: bat-and-ball Version: 1.1 (2014-10-25) Status: complete

  • Videos

    Jupi Plays Indie Games: Throw Out (by Jupiter Hadley)

  • Music

    Catch My Fall by Psychadelik Pedestrian under CC BY-NC 3.0
    Nocturnia by Psychadelik Pedestrian under CC BY-NC 3.0
    Fifth World by Psychadelik Pedestrian under CC BY-NC 3.0


    bd01 by altemark under CC BY 3.0


    SquareFont by Agustín Bou marked as free

  • Update Notes

      • implemented shadow effect
      • changed quality settings
      • removed aliasing problems in block shader
      • added support for Chrome frame
      • improved scaling on mobile devices
      • changed some messages on the main menu
      • slightly changed some parameters for better playability (impact radius, border health, paddle width, ...)
      • slightly improved performance
      • lowered the position of all blocks on level 6
      • fixed a visual bug on level 14
      • fixed a problem when playing on a local copy
      • implemented Second Chance: if you lose all your balls, your current level is skipped (similar to the Time Up), this can happen twice
      • border blocks on first level are now undestroyable
      • border blocks in general are now less destroyable (impact-radius)
      • removed a third ball on level 9, felt too complicated
      • improved background-preloading of music files
      • improved control and usability a bit
      • fixed wrong music activation
      • fixed a trophy-related bug
      • initial release

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