Disco Rock

Disco Rock

  • Description

    Roll through the disco and smash as many beverages as possible, avoid holes in the dance floor, jump around, make combos, and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

    Disco Rock is a very simple endless-runner inspired by the 70s disco era - try to get a good score, earn achievements and party hard.

    • very simple arcade game with moderate difficulty
    • online leaderboards for score and time
    • many different trophies and challenges



    The game requires a video card with at least OpenGL (ES) 2.0.
    Released under the zlib License.

    Genre: endless runner Version: 1.3 (2014-12-13) Status: complete

  • Videos

    Disco Rock - Gameplay (music by Kevin MacLeod)

  • Music

    Aurea Carmina by Kevin MacLeod under CC BY 3.0
    Ether Disco by Kevin MacLeod under CC BY 3.0
    Stringed Disco by Kevin MacLeod under CC BY 3.0


    Glass Clinking 2 - Amplified by antwash under CC0 1.0
    typewriter by BMacZero under CC0 1.0
    Laser03.2rev by chipfork under CC BY 3.0
    success by grunz under CC BY 3.0
    tada1 by jobro under CC BY 3.0
    Knall9_1zu4 by Nikolino under CC BY 3.0
    kling - 01 by schluppipuppie under CC BY 3.0
    missile_explosion by smcameron under CC BY 3.0
    sl50_photo_capture_with_flash by sonoplastico under CC BY 3.0
    bamf by themfish under CC BY 3.0


    Rocks by Goma Shin marked as free
    Loki Cola by Dale Harris marked as free
    Font Awesome by Dave Gandy under SIL OFL

  • Update Notes

      • completely removed random stage generation and implemented many different stage algorithms
      • changed some gameplay elements (high initial speed, better highlighting of important objects, collectable power-up, etc.)
      • changed trophies accordingly
      • removed camera movement
      • probably increased difficulty
      • implemented light camera movement
      • implemented many new trophies and changed some old ones
      • greatly improved menu, gameplay and controls
      • added some color variations
      • implemented new gameplay elements (jumper and canyons)
      • implemented additional control mechanisms (WASD and arrows)
      • improved graphics and performance
      • added ingame Disco music
      • implemented guest score feature
      • improved scoring system
      • improved hole creation on the dance floor
      • improved graphics and performance
      • explicitly removed first dance floor line and both sides
      • initial release

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