Wind Engine

Wind Engine

  • Description

    The Wind Engine is an extremely light JavaScript/HTML5 framework based on WebGL for rapid prototyping and small games.

    It is mainly intended for simple personal projects, which then are able to use the very comprehensive and powerful browser platform and its interfaces.

    • Basic Application Structure
    • WebGL and Web Audio API Integration
    • Prototypes for Models, Textures, Shaders, Framebuffers and Sounds
    • Light Handling of Menu, Time, Camera, Input and Music



    The engine requires a browser with at least WebGL 1.0.
    Released under the zlib License.

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    Language: JavaScript Version: 0.0.1a (2014-05-07) Status: frozen

  • Libraries

    glMatrix under zlib
  • Update Notes

      • implemented basic application structure with automatic handling of various systems
      • implemented prototypes for models, textures, shaders and sounds
      • added launcher, html framework, style sheet and some basic resources

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