Game Jolt API JS Library

Game Jolt API JS Library

  • Description

    Game Jolt is a host for free independently developed computer games.

    As a gamer you are able to play every game on this site for free, rate them with shiny stars, write awesome comments, get trophies and highscores and talk about stuff on the forum or the chat. As a developer you can upload your game, add screenshots, embed videos, write news, receive feedback, eat pizza and do other great things.

    And if your game is written in JavaScript, then this library is able to connect your game with Game Jolt.
    (for other languages/engines/platforms take a look here)

    • automatic login and session handling when executed on Game Jolt
    • interfaces for user, trophy, score and data-store operations
    • activity log, parameter fetch and other supporting functions
    • extremely easy to setup and use



    The library works with every modern browser.
    Released under the zlib License.

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    Language: JavaScript Version: 0.4a (2015-01-09) Status: under development

  • Update Notes

      • implemented data-store functions
      • added simple test-file
      • added trophy-cache clear on logout
      • fixed occasional error log flooding
      • Special Thanks to Bruno Assarisse
      • implemented option for automatic login
      • implemented functions for manual login and logout
      • improved error logging
      • renamed user functions for more consistency
      • implemented remaining score and trophy functions
      • implemented user functions
      • added console logging to show current activity
      • added documentation files
      • implemented automatic login and session handling when executed on Game Jolt
      • implemented interfaces to send scores and achieve trophies

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